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Festive Joy and Merriment at St. Mary Star of the Sea School’s Christmas Celebrations

As the holiday spirit enveloped St. Mary, Star of the Sea School, students across all grades joined in a series of Christmas events, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The preschoolers kicked off the festivities with a spirited game of nativity bingo, followed by delightful moments of cookie decorating and cocoa enjoyment. Laughter echoed through the halls as these little ones savored the magic of the season.

Kindergarteners and 1st graders immersed themselves in a day of sweet creativity, adorned with cookie decorating and festive crafting. The joyous sounds of laughter and the aroma of holiday treats filled their classroom.

Second graders added a unique touch to their festivities with a feast featuring KFC, mac and cheese, and a delightful array of sweets. The joy of giving was palpable as they exchanged heartfelt gifts, creating a bond of camaraderie.

Meanwhile, the third graders engaged in a playful Christmas extravaganza, participating in themed games, a festive “gift-walk” reminiscent of a cake walk, and capturing memories with holiday-themed photo props.

Middle schoolers transformed their Christmas celebration into a laid-back affair, indulging in pizza, snacks, and some well-deserved lounging. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere echoed the true spirit of togetherness.

These festive events showcased the vibrant spirit and unity of the St. Mary, Star of the Sea School community, providing students with moments of joy, creativity, and connection during this magical season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.