Fine Arts Program

We encourage children to express themselves creatively.

Here, ideas and techniques come to life, with children observing themselves and their creations in the reflection of a room-length mirror.

We firmly believe in providing children with the materials, time, and space necessary to express themselves creatively. This empowers them to explore a diverse range of art media, experimenting with color, shape, and texture. The special environment of our Art Studio grants our preschoolers the freedom to plan, execute, and revisit their projects.

Artist of the Month

Throughout the year, our teachers introduce an Artist of the Month, featuring the works of esteemed artists such as Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, John Audoban, Diego Rivera, Synthia St. James, and Stephanie Choo. These masterpieces adorn the classroom, not merely as decorations but as inspirations. We teach through the artist’s work, delving into concepts of shape, color, and size through the children’s own artwork. Preschoolers engage in collaborative mural projects, experiment with watercolor and pastel techniques, and discover the artist within themselves.

An annual highlight is our all-school Art Show and Gala, where each classroom transforms into a gallery showcasing students’ individual and collaborative masterpieces. Families are warmly invited to share in the celebration of their children’s incredible artistic achievements.