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5th Grade Hosts Gaudate Sunday

In a spirit of joy and community, the 5th-grade students at St. Mary, Star of the Sea took center stage during the recent Gaudete Sunday celebration. The parish came alive with the vibrant participation of these young leaders, who served as altar servers, lectors, and choir members during the Mass. Their presence added a special touch as they also played a role in bringing gifts to the altar.

Following the uplifting Mass, the students extended their warm hospitality to parishioners at the Parish Center. With smiles on their faces, they welcomed the community and took charge of serving coffee and donuts, turning the post-Mass gathering into a delightful fellowship. This event not only showcased the students’ active involvement in the parish but also highlighted the sense of community and joy that defines the spirit of St. Mary, Star of the Sea. The commitment and enthusiasm of the 5th-grade class made Gaudete Sunday a memorable and heartwarming experience for all who attended.