Specialty Classes

Co-curricular classes that enhance the traditional learning experience

St. Mary’s is excited to offer weekly Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education to all students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Each class enjoys a 45-minute specialty session (with PE twice a week), led by highly qualified teachers.

Fine Arts (Visual and Performing)

Our students not only master the art of creating visually captivating works but also develop the skills to express themselves through performance. The program facilitates a meaningful connection between artistic experiences and broader societal, cultural, and historical contexts, ensuring that our students gain a profound understanding of the role of art in shaping the world around them. Our fine arts program uniquely enriches the educational journey, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and a profound appreciation in how art defines our human experience.

Spanish Language Classes

St. Mary takes pride in offering a foundational Spanish class, providing young learners with an early introduction to the richness of language and culture. In our Spanish program, students progress from basic vocabulary to forming sentences and conversing in Spanish. Our graduates leave with the skills to excel in high school Spanish, and some have even skipped Spanish 1, moving directly to Spanish 2.

Through engaging activities, interactive lessons, and age-appropriate resources, students not only grasp fundamental vocabulary and expressions but also gain an appreciation for the diverse Spanish-speaking world.

Physical Education

Our physical education class promotes both physical fitness and well-being. Through a dynamic curriculum, students engage in a variety of activities designed to enhance their cardiovascular health, motor skills, and teamwork. From invigorating exercises to cooperative games, our physical education class fosters a love for an active lifestyle. Beyond the physical benefits, students develop essential life skills such as discipline, resilience, and leadership, creating a foundation for a healthy and balanced future. We not only prioritize physical fitness but also promote a positive attitude towards a lifetime of wellness, ensuring that our students are not just physically active but also equipped with the tools for a thriving, healthy lifestyle

Music Program

Our music program covers liturgical music, music reading, instrumental skills, and includes performances in two major shows each year—the Annual Christmas program and Spring Show. In art, our dedicated teacher guides students through drawing, painting, and creating multi-media art pieces. In physical education, students learn the values of perseverance, teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration, all aligned with state standards in physical education. St. Mary’s is committed to educating the whole person, and our specialty classes play a crucial role in achieving this goal.