Middle School

Preparing students for success in high school and beyond

In the 8th grade, St. Mary’s students have the opportunity to delve into advanced math, covering Algebra 1, preparing them for higher-level high school math. For students in 6th-8th grades, our rigorous English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum encompasses reading, writing, grammar, and speaking across various content areas. Through in-depth studies of diverse texts and the rigorous application of grade-level standards, students enhance their reading comprehension and writing proficiency, becoming effective communicators and critical thinkers.

Beyond Traditional Learning

Our Science program goes beyond traditional learning, incorporating higher-level thinking, hands-on labs, field trips, and participation in the Greater San Diego Science Fair to bring science alive. The integrated History curriculum incorporates the element of our Catholic Faith, allowing students to strengthen their relationship with God as they progress through middle school. Spiritual retreats and a commitment to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy further contribute to their faith development. Our overarching goal is to cultivate empowered leaders, ready to make positive contributions to both our local and global communities.