Outdoor Play Spaces

Our outdoor spaces are designed with emergent learning in mind.

Here, children are encouraged to utilize their entire bodies, fostering exploration, cooperation, and movement without the constraints of noise or limited space.

Mirroring the thoughtful setup of our indoor classrooms, outdoor spaces are designed with emergent learning in mind. Various centers offer tools and time for children to engage in diverse activities, from relaxing spaces for reading and chatting to blocks for constructing towering structures. The sand areas provide opportunities for playful splashing and mud creation.

Natural Playground

Our natural playground, a highlight of St. Mary’s Preschool, features expansive grass areas and two sandboxes. The prominent climbing structure is enveloped by a bustling bike trail, presenting a range of opportunities for developing large motor skills and embracing new physical challenges.

Garden Space

The garden space imparts a distinctive backyard ambiance, creating a serene atmosphere that relaxes our little ones and fosters a connection with nature. At St. Mary’s, outdoor play is not just recreation—it’s an integral part of our approach to nurturing well-rounded, confident learners.