Lunch Accounts

Your account has been Registered/Created, you are now ready to create a Student (Children) Profile.

  • Login to your Hot Lunch Account using
    your email and hotlunch as the password
  • Click on Children tab, then Add Child Top right corner of the
  • This will bring you to a pop-up screen to add your child, you will
    need this Campus Code: SSCS
  • Complete the information on the popup.
  • Allergens – If your child is allergic to certain items please check
    them here. However, do not rely on this aid solely. Please inform
    your School Eatery directly as well or add a note every time you
    place an order from the notes section.
  • Select “Create” to add a child and repeat the process for multiple
  • Then you can click on order and start placing lunch
    orders for your child to be delivered directly to the school.

Please click on this link: Ki’s School Lunch Program
*Please keep in mind that you can cancel your order
before 8:00 AM Friday morning if you know your child will
be out sick our out for the day.

  • Click on “Create New Account” Enter in your information
  • Add your credit card – All lunches will be ordered and paid through Ki’s (not the school)
  • Click on “Ordering” – once on this page, you will be asked to add student. When you get to the “School/Site” drop down box, find SAINT MARY.
  • When you are ready to order, it will take you to a calendar. Find the Friday menu. Order and it will be delivered to your child(ren).
  • There is an option to sign up to be a server. Please, please consider doing this as it will help us out. We don’t have the resources and
    personal to do this every Friday, so your volunteering will be greatly appreciated. We need 3-4 volunteers each Friday Hot Lunch Day.