Our School


Providing a faith-based education grounded in Catholic teachings.

Grounded in Catholic principles and tradition, St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School provides a rigorous, differentiated, and faith-based education that promotes the development of the whole child and empowers all students to live in the image of Christ by being active members of the church, lifelong learners, and stewards of our local and global communities.

Grounded in a Christian philosophy, our educational philosophy recognizes each person as created in the image of God with a universal human dignity, irrespective of differences in talents, abilities, or backgrounds. This vision guides our Christian conception of education, aiming to cooperate with divine grace in forming individuals to be true and perfect Christians. As Pope Pius XI emphasized, the ultimate goal is to cultivate a supernatural perspective, aligning thoughts, judgments, and actions with right reason illuminated by the teachings of Christ.

While we prioritize the development of the “true and perfect Christian,” we also acknowledge the importance of preparing students for life in the natural order. At St. Mary’s, our comprehensive educational program addresses the whole child, recognizing parents as primary educators and teachers as facilitators in fostering various capacities, including faith, appreciation for the good and the beautiful, understanding of human history, and analytical and scientific habits of mind.

Embracing the belief that each student possesses unique talents and gifts, St. Mary, Star of the Sea, encourages their use in service to God and others. Dedicated parents, staff, and clergy collaborate to instill in students an appreciation for life’s dignity, fostering a sense of responsibility for themselves and others in their families, parish, and community. We affirm that education’s purpose extends beyond fact accumulation, emphasizing mental and moral formation essential for a life of responsible human freedom.