Our School

St. Mary’s offers a rich educational experience fully integrated within the wisdom, tradition, and values of the Roman Catholic Church. Working in close cooperation with our parents, we provide an educational program that fosters the physical, emotional, moral, and intellectual development necessary for our children to reach the fullness of their human potential.


Our students attend a variety of high schools, both public and private, and have experienced great success upon graduation from St. Mary’s. This success is a testament to the high quality of the educational program at St. Mary’s and is a positive reflection on the families of our school community. At St. Mary’s, we have created a culture of learning and moral responsibility that we are confident will serve our students throughout their lives.

At a time when many Catholic schools are struggling with enrollment and to keep their doors open, St. Mary’s has experienced a strong surge of interest. We believe this growing interest is a direct result of the many improvements and advancements to our curriculum and overall program of formation. We also have great kids and very reasonable rates! We invite you to come by for a visit and to see our students, talk with our faculty, and look more closely at our academic program. We would be happy to see you.