Volunteer Your Time and Talents!  Our volunteer program allows each family to contribute to the successful operation of our school. As a parent volunteer, your time involved in school related activities ultimately benefits your child and their education. Many volunteer opportunities exist from helping out in the classroom and supporting athletic teams to planning fundraising events and welcoming new families.

We have many fun opportunities to earn your volunteer hours! Our school cannot do the many activities for our children without your help. New opportunities are continually added; whether you have a few moments during the week or an entire weekend to share, there’s a way to get involved that fits into your busy schedule.  Sign up today! http://stmarystars.com/parents/volunteer-committees/

Please find our Classroom Volunteer procedures listed here: Procedures

And check out our program list below to find volunteer opportunities or contact volunteer@stmarystars.com with any questions.

Here are a few of our current opportunities:
Online Auction http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040d4faaa629a13-auction
Casino Night http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040d4faaa629a13-casino

Please record your hours online, or use paper logs which can be found in the Front Office.  Parents or guardians and extended family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins and siblings who are 16 years of age and older) may complete hours for the family. Hours should be completed no later than June 2, 2017.

Record Your Hours Here: http://stmarystars.com/parents/volunteer-hours/

The following activities are suggested (but not limited to) ways of fulfilling your commitment. There are many other opportunities, such as baking, school maintenance and repairs, field trip chaperons, classroom helpers, etc.  Please contact the Coordinators directly if you are available to help out!

Programs Coordinators Contact
After School Clubs Libby Meyer volunteer@stmarystars.com
Art Show Heather Jones hjones@stmarystars.com
Auction Kim Kowalewsky kim.kowalewsky@gmail.com
Beverages & Brushstrokes Heather Jones hjones@stmarystars.com
Book Fair Ana Laura Escudero aldescudero@gmail.com
Community Outreach Angie Torres curielangie@gmail.com
Family Events TBD
Garden of Joy Josh Englund jenglund@stmarystars.com
Grandparent’s Day Jenn Roma jfabianski@hotmail.com
Halloween Fun Day Ana Laura Escudero aldescudero@gmail.com
Jogathon Monica Cervantes monicacervantes3@hotmail.com
Lunch/Recess Duty Monica Tellez mtellez@stmarystars.com
Magazine Drive Laurie Armentrout laurtrout@yahoo.com
Parent Teacher Group Libby Meyer lmeyer_school@yahoo.com
Room Parent Coordinator Ana Laura Escudero aldescudero@gmail.com
SCRIP Christine Diaz cdiaz@cox.net
Volunteer Program Libby Meyer volunteer@stmarystars.com
Yearbook Nancy Jane Poarch npoarch@stmarystars.com