Star Care General Information

*** ENROLLMENT PLANS WILL DEPEND ON COVID-19 GUIDELINES IN PLACE BY SCHOOL STAR DATE - We may not be able to offer the Drop-In plan and the Monthly Contract Plan may be limited ***

Extended Care provides a supervised, structured environment for students who arrive before and/or stay after the regular school day–even for occasional drop-ins and unexpected emergencies.

Parents complete and sign a contract at the beginning of each year. Even if you never actually use the program, it’s always there for drop-ins and for emergencies, provided a contract is on file with the school.

Service available only when school is in session. Extended care provides on-site before and after-school childcare for our students. Extended care is available at an extra cost.

2021-2022 Star Care Rates:

Drop-in Each Child - $7.50 per hour
Monthly Contract 1 Child - $250 / month

2 Children - $325Β / month

3 Children - $375 / month