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Music Kinder – 5th

Music classes for lower elementary grades at St. Mary’s focus on learning elements of Music through singing, listening, creating and performing. There are many hands-on opportunities to practice steady beat and improvise with rhythm while exploring different percussion musical instruments and movement activities. Students will be exposed to many genres and of music through listening and journaling activities that attend to instrument families, tempo, dynamics, mood, melody, harmony and musical forms.  Students will learn the basic of music theory including musical symbols, reading rhythms and reading and writing music. In 4th and 5th grades students learn how to play the recorder and participate in a motivating skill mastery program called “Recorder Karate”, where students are awarded colored “belts” to adorn their recorders as they memorize and master each level of music in the program.

Keep it Up at Home: Research shows that music is a powerful tool in making connections for learning in the brain. Researchers out of the Music Institute at Princeton have demonstrated that young children develop their disposition to music making at very early age and, will learn to love and appreciate music if their primary caregivers show that they and appreciate music. What does this all mean?

MAKE MUSIC AT HOME WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Make music a part of family ritual and family fun time. Sing together on car rides, have dance parties, learn an instrument together, play dinner music and talk about music.

Try this: Listen to one piece of music together, any song from pop to classical. Discuss the message of the song or how it made you feel. Discuss the title of the song and how it fits the song? Pick out instruments you hear and how the different instruments created particular emotions. Use music vocabulary while you share your favorite songs and artists and challenge your children to appreciate lots of musical styles. Above all never stop singing together. If you are not a fan of the voice God gave you, give it back to him!