Welcome to Math!

by Mrs. Palkowski and Mrs. Klicsu


The Math Program here at St. Mary’s use a wide variety of skill practice, problem solving, and reasoning exercises which provide effective, efficient instruction for all students. Practice is paced carefully to ensure that students build skills and develop mathematical understanding. New concepts are presented using clear, student-friendly language. Vocabulary and key ideas for each lesson are clearly identified and explained. Activities, exercises, chapter problems, and problem-solving workshops throughout the courses offer students opportunities to be active and engaged in learning. The courses will be accordingly modified to accommodate both in-school and distance learning.

A synopsis of each course is as follows:

6th Grade:

  • Review of arithmetic and mathematical concepts learned in earlier grades.
  • Expand use of ratios and percentages to accommodate real-world applications.
  • Basic introduction to Geometry and Graphing.


7th Grade:

  • Review of concepts learned in 6th
  • Expanded use of decimals and percentages and their relationship to real-world situations.
  • Introduction to the use of powers and exponents.
  • Introduction to solving linear equations and inequalities.
  • Using data to create graphs for solving mathematical problems.
  • More complex geometric and volumetric calculations.

8th Grade: Introduction to Algebra I

  • More complex use of graphing linear equations for solving problems, including inequalities.
  • Use of systems of equations and inequalities for reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Identifying and factoring polynomials.
  • Introduction to the functionality of Quadratic equations.
  • Review of exponents and exponential functions.
  • Probability and data analysis.