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Fourth Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade!


Aloha! My name is Ms. Kristina Alger, and this is my first year teaching 4th grade at St. Mary Star of the Sea! I had the pleasure of substituting at the school from January – June 2018, and got to know many wonderful students.

I feel very at home in a Catholic school setting, as I have spent most of my life attending and teaching at Catholic schools. I spend preschool through 12th grade at Catholic schools. I earned my Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University and my Master in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii. I began my teaching career in Hawaii, teaching preschool, then Kindergarten. In the summer of 2014, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to Seoul, South Korea and taught English to elementary school students.

The great Nelson Mandela noted, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Sharing that sentiment, I am honored to be an educator and passionate about education. My role is influenced by a love of traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing new sights! I am a lifelong student and have a love of learning and gaining knowledge! Since moving to Southern California at the end of 2017, I have been thoroughly enjoying becoming acquainted with Oceanside and the surrounding areas in this beautiful part of the world.

Fourth grade is an exciting time as students are gaining more and more independence and their curiosity is at an all time high. My job is to make learning as fun as possible while teaching them all of the important facts, dates, and spelling words they need to know. Here is a little bit more about each subject:

Religion: We are currently practicing for our Last Supper Reenactment that will happen on Holy Thursday with the 5th grade class. We each have a part, and are remembering what a special time in our church’s history that was. We are also learning about the Ten Commandments and how we are on a journey towards heaven and to enter heaven we must choose the right path. We choose this by saying ‘yes’ to God.

Reading: We have read a number of books this year so far. I have a love of reading and want to pass that onto my students. Some of the novels we have read together are, “Frindle” and “Charlotte’s Web.” We are currently reading “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” which is one of my favorite books!

Writing: We are doing a lot of writing this year including writing personal narratives and descriptive and expository! We wrote ‘Fractured Fairytales’ and taught our fellow classmates how to do something in our ‘How-to Essays.’

Spelling: We are continuing with our Words Their Way program, and each spelling group is coming right along! We have a 15-word test every Friday, and students are doing excellently! We have a Spelling Menu that the students choose from to do their homework. They can choose things such as “Picture It” where they draw a picture of each word or writing the words in ABC order just to name a couple!

Math: In Math, we are continuing to do multi-digit multiplication and perfect our multiplication tables! We just finished our Multiplication Masters program and are onto another challenge!

Grammar: We just finished a unit on prepositions, and are continuing to review how to write more detailed sentences utilizing descriptive verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!

Science: In Science, we just completed a unit on “Energizing Everything,” which encouraged the students to think about the energy that things need to move. Students explored how energy makes things go, from powering vehicles to moving one’s body. Students experimented with rubber band racers to discover the relationship between how much energy is stored in a material and how much is released. They investigated the role that hills play in making roller coasters move and the energy transfer that happens when two objects collide. Students realized that thinking about the world in terms of energy helps them make sense of how and why things speed up and slow down. Hands-on activities focus on engineering, testing hypotheses, and using results to develop their ideas. Taken from the Mystery Science Website:

Social Studies: In Social Studies, we are learning all about California’s rich history and in the midst of our annual Mission project. The students are researching about the mission of their choice and will write a paper, do an oral presentation, and create a model replica of their mission!

I am absolutely loving 4th grade, and I hope that you will make the choice to come to our lovely and loving school! Thank you in advance for your support and commitment to your child’s education. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I’m happy to talk with you about your child’s educational goals.

With Aloha,

Ms. Kristina Alger


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Photos are of me at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona on our Christmas vacation; our 4th grade class at the Jog-a-thon; two students writing their essays; and two students making a chain reaction machine in science.