Welcome to 1st Grade!

by Mrs. Kathryn Naughton

About Me

I am excited to be part of the St. Mary Star of the Sea School and the 1st grade teacher here.  Our curriculum adheres to the guidelines determined by the Diocese of San Diego and covers all the basic academic areas.  In addition, we offer special programs during our teaching hours.  These programs are Music, Art, Spanish, Computers and Physical Education.  Our professional staff keeps up on all of the latest trends in these areas and the children benefit from each of these curriculum.

My Name is Kathryn Naughton I graduated from California State University of San Marcos and have held a California Teaching Credential since 2001. I have been married to my husband, Shaun for 23 years and both of us have been raised in the Catholic Faith.   We have a beautiful daughter that has attended St. Mary's since pre-school and she is now entering the 7th grade.  I know that this time of elementary school goes by in the wink of an eye and this I know,

"The Future of the World is in my Classroom Today" Ivan Welton Fitzwater

I truly believe in this quote with my whole heart and know that I will do everything in my power so your child will be successful, with my philosophy of:

I DO (direct instruction), WE DO (guided practice),  YOU DO (independent study)


Mrs. Kathryn Naughton

Let's party, Smarty!

I look forward to nurturing the rapid educational, personal, and spiritual growth that will ensue within each First Grader this year.   I believe my students’ happiness, confidence, and overall well-being are central to their academic success. Fostering these personal and social aspects are paramount for each students success.

Contact Me: knaughton@stmarystars.com

My Class

First Grade is the beginning of school routines where each child will get into the groove of setting aside a time and a comfortable place to do homework, which is such a special time for them to think about their classwork and to feel that they have felt a sense of accomplishment .  I know that I am only their facilitator in their classroom experience and hope to instill a sense of responsibility and academic achievement, I do this with a student driven classroom. Kindness is the one standout rule that will be included throughout my instruction, inside the classroom and carried out into the  playground.

The start of school brings for all of us a mix of new experiences, familiar classmates, and new friends. Your child is among my new friends, and I am looking forward to getting acquainted with each one of my students.  This I do with the strength and grace of God, our Father.  Thank you for allowing me to teach your child this year

What is 1st Grade Up to!