Brenda Klicsu

Middle School Math and Science

Brenda Klicsu - MS Math & Science

Hi, I’m Mrs. Klicsu. I am passionate about teaching and feel blessed to be part of the middle school team at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea School. I am a graduate of CSU San Marcos, and reside in Oceanside with my husband. We have two sons who attend local colleges, and together we enjoy traveling, camping, golf, riding bikes, and just spending the day at our beautiful local beaches. 

This year I am teaching Earth, Life, and Physical Science, Engineering Design, as well as Math 7/Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. My goal is to have my students PUMPED about science, engineering, and math!! 

My science curriculum is based on Middle School Next Generation Science Standards, uses the 5E model for implementation, meets all California State Standards, and is SUPER FUN. Every unit includes the use of Interactive Notebook, teacher-led demos, hands-on labs, and science station rotations and reaches all learning styles-kinesthetic, visual, auditory, logical, and spatial. 

My philosophy for teaching math is: EVERYONE IS A MATH PERSON. My goal is to inspire mathematics success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative teaching. I want all my students to enter high school thinking, “I got this!”, and truly believe they can learn math at the highest levels, and that mistakes, struggle and challenge are the most important times for brain growth. My courses meet/exceed all California Standards, and encourage students to consider multiple perspectives in approaching problems and communicate their ideas using appropriate mathematical language. 

I love teaching math and science, and I can’t wait for your students to fall in love with them too. 

“The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator. Science brings men nearer to God.” - Louis Pasteur