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Mrs. B’s Art Classes

Mrs. B's Art Classes

Hello amazing art students and their fabulous families!

I am proud to announce that virtual art portfolios are available on the Artsonia website! All of you should have received an email so you can connect to your art and the rest of the school.

I encourage everyone to please go check out your fellow students' art. You should be able to search for St. Mary, Star of the Sea, or connect to the schools’ page through links on your students’ page. Only art that parents have approved to share will be seen, so check back again later as more parents click approve! Keep an eye out for some amazing eighth grade presidential portraits, seventh grade great blue herons, sixth grade self portraits, fifth grade Romero Britto hearts, fourth grade Picasso inspired line animals, third Grade 3D bedrooms, second grade Reggie Laurent inspired abstracts, first grade John Nieto inspired buffalo, and kindergartens Todd Parr styled self portrait (it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite). Even if the cover of the project says ‘hidden art’ if you click on it you can see some of the pieces.

As a final word, I want to say thank you for all of the joy you have brought to me, the St. Mary, Star of the Sea art room will always hold a special place in my heart, but as is often the case with a military family we are being called to relocate and I must say ‘Aloha’. I will miss all of you more than you could know and hope our paths cross again in the future. Thank you for making this temporary home a part of us forever. -Mrs. B

Indoor Bakcyard Camping

Indoor Backyard Camping

In honor of our 6th graders and 7th graders that did not get a chance to experience their Camp Field Trips, our families turned their living rooms and backyards into a campground.

Check out the cool video !

Mrs. McGrane’s 8th Grade Class

Good Evening St. Mary’s Families!

In history class this year, the 8th graders have been learning about the history of the United States from the first colonies through Reconstruction. In literature class, we ended our year by reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave by Frederick Douglass. It was a very enlightening unit for both history and literature because as we learned the historical context of slavery, the varying views of people living in the United States at the time, different policies that were in place to protect freedom and those that were meant to hinder their freedom, we also read the first-hand account slavery written by an escaped slave. Our cross curricular unit allowed the students to think critically about this time in American history, write about their thoughts through persuasive arguments and informal responses, create found poetry, hold discussions, and make connections between this difficult time in our nation’s history and today.

Mrs. McGrane’s 7th Grade ELA

The 7th graders have been working hard in English Language Arts! We finished our novel unit on Hatchet by Gary Paulsen during distance learning. For their summative assessment, students wrote their own survival narratives! We worked through the entire writing process in Zoom meetings, Google Classroom assignments, and Loom videos. This was a fun assignment because students had to use their creativity and imaginations within the narrative writing framework. As an added level of difficulty, students had to incorporate dialogue and at least three different types of figurative language into their narratives. Students included hyperbole, metaphor, personification, simile, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. The final narratives were such a pleasure to read! Main characters fought off zombies, survived plane crashes, being lost at sea and lost in the Amazon Rainforest, earthquakes in Yosemite National Park, jellyfish stings, and even escaped haunted mansions and booby trapped mazes! I am so proud of the writing skills and creativity exhibited by the 7th graders this year, and especially in this assignment!

  • Mrs. McGrane

Andrew Martinez – GSDSE Fair Special Award Winner

Grater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair 2020

St. Mary, Star of the Sea's own Andrew Martinez was mentioned for his excellent work and presentation during the Greater San Diego Science Fair in the ASM San Diego Chapter Newsletter this month! We are so proud of Andrew!!!!!

Mr. Englund’s 5th Grade

Hello from the 5th Grade:

Our amazing 5th graders have tackled and mastered this distant learning thing that seems so natural to us now. As their teacher, I have been creating fun ways to keep those Zoom sessions fun and engaging. We have done scavenger hunts, Mad Libs stories, and super exciting Kahoot game quizzes. Of course we have done a lot of daily academic learning on Zoom such as math, grammar, and taking some assessments. I am very proud of them for still wanting to take on the challenge of continuing our science unit of water quality and distribution. They had so much fun designing and using their water filters. I miss doing this lab in the classroom, but they have shown me it can be done anywhere! Check out some of their engineering master pieces!

Ms. Alger’s 4th Grade

Hello St. Mary’s!

We sure do miss seeing all of you around campus! The 4th graders have been working so hard during distance learning! I continue to be incredibly proud of their ability to move through their daily lessons and join our class zooms! We have had many exciting experiences in our daily zooms, and I would like to share some of them with all of you!

We have gone on several virtual field trips through the PORTS program, which is the Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students! We went to Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park where we learned about the Miwok people and how they used grinding rocks to grind acorns and other seeds, which slowly forms cup-shaped depressions in the stone, which can still be seen today (see photo)!

We visited La Purisima Mission State Historic Park where we toured the mission and got to see and hear the bell (see photo) that they still have on the grounds! The bell was cast in 1817 in Lima, Peru by Manuel Vargas, who was a renowned bell maker. Lima, Peru is known as the ‘City of Bells’ due to the many foundries that they had there.

We also visited Columbia State Historic Park to take part in a ‘Gold Trek’ where students pretended to be miners and had to make purchasing decisions on stops through town. They were awarded points for their decisions and those points determined if they ‘survived’ or not! Luckily, most of us survived, but it wasn’t easy!

I also wanted to share a photo of the 4th graders in our daily morning zoom call last week where Mrs. B, our wonderful art teacher, joined us and taught us how to make paper flowers for our moms for Mother’s Day! I hope all of the moms out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You are appreciated and loved!

We’re so grateful that we could visit all of these places that we would not be able to visit even if we were in the classroom due to them being so far away! Thanks for tuning in!

~Ms. Alger & The Fabulous 4th GradersHello St. Mary Star of the Sea Families!

Mr. Fuentes’ 3rd Grade

Hello From Third Grade!

This week Ms. Fuentes made home visits to drop off packets and the rest of the materials we will be needing this semester. Many were extremely surprised with their visitor, andmany hello and air hugs were shared from afar! Although we may be distant and far from one another, we are continuing our reading journey in beginning to read the BFG by Roald Dahl. Let the imagination and dreaming begin!


Ms. Fuentes

Ms. Cone’s 2nd Grade

2nd Grade - Earth Day!

Hello St. Mary Star of the Sea Families!

The second-grade class would like to share their Earth Day videos with all of you! They have done such an amazing job with their transition into this new learning experience and are working so hard! On Earth Day, I asked the students to record themselves doing something outside! I hope you enjoy our video!

Miss Cone


Mrs. Roedel’s Kindergarten

We know that connection helps us thrive and kindergarten has been working hard at staying connected while we are physically apart. We start every morning as we always have, with a morning meeting. During this morning meeting, we pray together, greet each other, celebrate birthdays and accomplishments, share news, crafts or cool toys and end with a group activity like a dance on gonoodle. We have also been having optional weekly check ins with each other. We mainly use loom and seesaw as our platforms for learning. The love of our kindergarten family is felt, even from afar! Mrs. Noonan and I are in awe of the parents and students as they tackle the challenges of distance learning. We applaud you all!

Perhaps the best work to showcase is our Writer's Workshop unit on informational writing that we just completed. The students started by brainstorming all of the areas that they were experts in. After brainstorming, they chose one topic that they had at least five facts that they could share. The students spent the last few weeks creating a book, adding a closure, table of contents, dedication page and front cover. We had a wide range of topics: penguins, flamingos, the sun, cats, pigs, velociraptor dinosaurs, zebras, sunflowers, parrots, Disneyland, leopard geckos and more! We hope you enjoy the attached videos from our very own author/illustrators Peter and Rory Cate!