Alumni Corner

St. Mary's is proud of its Alumni. Our graduates move on to their next school well equipped with academic knowledge and a great Faith foundation.

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Alumni Stories:

" My experience at St. Mary's was amazing. I received a great education and so many friends. I'll always cherish the memories I've made and appreciate my time here at St. MAry's. " - Class of 2023

" I was part of the Graduating class of 2023, and during my time at St. Mary's I grew academical and as an individual. I made some of my best friends and had the opportunity to learn under some amazing teachers. " - Emily Class of 2023

" During my time at St. Mary's I was so surprised on how fast I made friends and I am thankful for it. This was a great school and will definitely miss my school. " - Jazmin Class of 2023

" I graduated in 2022, I started attending St. Mary's since preschool. I remember all my teachers being very nice and they helped me get ready for high school. I am blessed to have attended St. Mary's " - Anderson Class of 2022

" I attended St. Mary's from Preschool to 8th Grade. One of my best memories is when I participated in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair, where I got 2nd place and won $300, all under the guidance of my Science teacher Mrs. Englund. I received the best education from all my teachers, it helped me graduate from Cathedral Catholic High School with Honors " - Nelson Class of 2018

" I truly enjoyed my 8 years at Saint Mary's. My older brother and sister also attended 1st to 8th grade as well as numerous cousins." - Renee Class of 1985

" Playing kickball in Mr. Englund's 3rd grad class! " - Haley Class of 2012