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Mrs. McGrane’s 8th Grade Class

Good Evening St. Mary’s Families!

In history class this year, the 8th graders have been learning about the history of the United States from the first colonies through Reconstruction. In literature class, we ended our year by reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave by Frederick Douglass. It was a very enlightening unit for both history and literature because as we learned the historical context of slavery, the varying views of people living in the United States at the time, different policies that were in place to protect freedom and those that were meant to hinder their freedom, we also read the first-hand account slavery written by an escaped slave. Our cross curricular unit allowed the students to think critically about this time in American history, write about their thoughts through persuasive arguments and informal responses, create found poetry, hold discussions, and make connections between this difficult time in our nation’s history and today.