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Mrs. Roedel’s Kindergarten

We know that connection helps us thrive and kindergarten has been working hard at staying connected while we are physically apart. We start every morning as we always have, with a morning meeting. During this morning meeting, we pray together, greet each other, celebrate birthdays and accomplishments, share news, crafts or cool toys and end with a group activity like a dance on gonoodle. We have also been having optional weekly check ins with each other. We mainly use loom and seesaw as our platforms for learning. The love of our kindergarten family is felt, even from afar! Mrs. Noonan and I are in awe of the parents and students as they tackle the challenges of distance learning. We applaud you all!

Perhaps the best work to showcase is our Writer's Workshop unit on informational writing that we just completed. The students started by brainstorming all of the areas that they were experts in. After brainstorming, they chose one topic that they had at least five facts that they could share. The students spent the last few weeks creating a book, adding a closure, table of contents, dedication page and front cover. We had a wide range of topics: penguins, flamingos, the sun, cats, pigs, velociraptor dinosaurs, zebras, sunflowers, parrots, Disneyland, leopard geckos and more! We hope you enjoy the attached videos from our very own author/illustrators Peter and Rory Cate!