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Learning Expectations

Preschool through Second Grade St. Mary’s students are:
Faithful Christians who:
A. Learn about the Catholic faith.
B. show respect for God, themselves, and all of God’s creation.
C. Make good choices and take responsibility for their actions.
D. Talk to God through prayer, art, and song.

Independent Learners who:
A. Are growing in knowledge and skills.
B. Can solve problems and work independently.
C. Are becoming fluent readers and writers.
D. Express themselves through art, music, and movement.
E. Are learning how to be healthy.

Christian Leaders who:
A. Help people in need.
B. Find ways to take care of the earth, their community, and their families.
C. Cooperate with others.
D. Follow Jesus’ example by doing good and loving everyone.

Third Grade through Eighth Grade St. Mary’s students are:
Faithful Christians who:
A. Understand and express Catholic teachings and traditions
B. Value and respect themselves, others, and all God’s creation
C. Practice living out the Church’s teachings by making moral choices
D. Celebrate their faith through active participation in Catholic prayer & worship

Independent learners who:
A Demonstrate a solid foundation in all basic subjects
B Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and technology skills
C. Read, write, and express their ideas clearly and creatively
D. Develop a lifelong appreciation for literature, music, and art
E. Demonstrate a personal awareness of good health habits and physical fitness

Christian leaders who:
A. Recognize and use their God-given talents in the service of others
B. Identify and respond to community and global needs
C. Work with others in a spirit of compassion, patience, and understanding
D. Model Christian values through their words and actions