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We are proud that our small school size facilitates close relationships and personal connections between staff, students, and families. Many parents enjoy staying involved in their child’s school lives longer and are creating family relationships that last a lifetime.

Family Activities

026Once each month a class has the opportunity to participate in an intimate Mass in our school chapel with our Priest. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to experience the Mass in a very personal way. During this time, the other students gather together in family groups to do a religious themed craft as a group. Family groups are comprised of members of each grade, and the junior high students lead the groups. They will always begin with a short story or skit from the bible, or a story from the life of a saint. The younger students will listen to the story answer questions posed by the older children, and ask questions. After this discussion, the older students explain the craft activity, and then assist the younger students in their work. This is a wonderful opportunity for the older students to work as guides and teachers for the younger students, and all the students to learn to work with children from outside their grade level.  Some activities we have done in the past include Joseph’s Coat of Many Color Posters, Blessed Damian Puppets, Seed Planting (based on the first chapters of Genesis), Noah’s Ark Matching Activities, and many others.

Buddy Reading

Students in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades pair up with students in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades about once each week for ‘Buddy Reading’. This activity, where the younger kids pick out books to be read to them and with them by the older students, provides and valuable opportunity for both grade levels. The younger students are able to hear books they enjoy read well by the older students, and the older students can practice reading with expression to an audience that is truly engaged and interested in what is being read. As part of our literature program development in all grades, the Buddy Reading program helps instill the value of both reading aloud and of listening closely.


Jeans4JesusJeans for Jesus

Each month our students bring in funds to donate to a cause that has been selected by our school community. Please view our calendar for the next Jeans for Jesus.  Would you like to submit an idea?  Please print fill out this form and drop off in the front office.


Our volunteer program allows each family to contribute to the successful operation of our school and its programs.  As a parent volunteer, your time involved in school related activities ultimately benefits your child and their education. Many volunteer opportunities exist from helping out in the classroom and supporting athletic teams to planning fundraising events and welcoming new families. Click here to see a list of programs and contact information.