Parent Leadership

St. Mary, Star of the Sea School encourages our parents to participate in leadership opportunities such as Program Coordinators, our PTG, or Advisory Board.  Hours will be applied to your annual Stewardship Service commitment.

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                                        PARENT TEACHER GROUP
The PTG is responsible for collaborating with our Teachers, Parents, School Administration, and Parish to foster a positive relationship between home and school. Involved parents can better understand the challenges our school faces and become part of the solution. PTG’s support of fundraisers allows us to continue to assist with our art and music programs, maintain our facilities, pursue special projects, and so much more, while keeping our tuition as affordable as possible. The PTG has an open door meeting once a month in which all parents and teachers are invited to attend.

Please find the most recent Parent Teacher Group notes here:Latest Meeting Notes

Community Building
The PTG sponsors activities for the purpose of building community within school. Provide fun activities for families and children, organize parent groups, and community service opportunities to develop closer connections between school and home. Please check out our events or calendar for more information.


Donate Your Time and Talent! Our Stewardship Service Commitment for the year is 25hrs per family. Our volunteer program allows each family to contribute to the successful operation of our school and its programs. Volunteering is great for YOU too! It allows parents to make a positive impact on the educational process of the children.



The PTG is always looking for enrichment program opportunities and funding for the school, focusing on educational and spiritual initiatives that enrich students learning, build character development, and promote literacy.



We need support to make these events a success! By participating in these fundraisers, you are providing funding for our Art, Music, and Spanish programs. We utilized some of the funds raised last year to renovate our Art Room, and will start updating our Music Room and Library with YOUR help! Please click on the images for more information on our Fundraisers throughout the year.


The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to advise the Principal and Pastor in their efforts for school development, policy formulation, program evaluation, and marketing strategies.

The Advisory Board is comprised of current school parents, administration, parishioners, and other upstanding members of the community.  Areas of focus include: Finance, Facilities, Development (fundraising), Public Relations and Marketing, and Technology. The School Advisory Board meets once a month. While the role of the council is advisory, their input is highly valued and respected.

Example of Advisory Board projects:

  • Finance: Identify and research outside revenue streams to develop additional financial support; Alumni, local/national Catholic organizations, grants, and business partners (food and/or supply vendors, bank, cleaning supply, etc.).
  • Public Relations and Marketing: research and assist in finding opportunities for school advertising and promotion.
  • Facilities: Aid in projects such as; landscaping, bathroom maintenance/remodels, Field development, etc.