Our Magazine Drive runs all year long, with our promotional time frame from September 21 – October 10, 2017. Our goal is for every student to turn in SEVEN orders to support our specialty programs, such as Advanced Math, Art, Music, and Spanish. All Great American magazines are offered at up to 90% off newsstand prices, with over 650 offers!Β  You can even earn college tuition credits by participating.

GO ONLINE! Check out and be sure to enter your student’s name so they get credit for the sale. New subscriptions should start 10-12 weeks from the end of the sale. Renewals must be listed exactly as the subscription is currently and begins as the existing subscription ends.

Please send this to your family and friends! Orders due on Tuesday, October 10th (online orders must be in by 8PM on any turn-in date) for bonus prizes.

Email Campaign – the easiest method – use a credit card to purchase or renew magazines today!
Click here to register to receive your Student ID#. Complete registration by entering our Organization number: 2734101. *Registration helps with prize crediting.


There are 15 collectible keychain Nuggets (masked chickens) – and you’ll have opportunities to collect them all!





College Tuition Rewards!
By participating in this fundraiser, your child can earn College Tuition Rewards Points in the amounts of either $1,000 or $2,500. Over 340 Private Colleges and Universities participate in this program. Click on the image for more information.Β  $100 in sales = $1,000 points, $250 in sales = $2,500 points. *This is for product sales only. Donations do not earn tuition points.

In years past, St. Mary students earned $89,500 in Tuition Rewards!

Super Sellers Prizes
1 sale: Great Assembly and Anthony the Magic
4 sales: Light Up Rooster Key Chain + Mystery Wallet with Prize Inside
7 sales: 1,000 tuition rewards points + Ice Cream Bars & Bingo
11 sales: Spinner, Thumb Chucks, and Crazy Sticky Pad
15 sales: 2,500 tuition rewards points + Triple Wheel Spin
20 sales: Deal or No Deal
The Top Seller (most dollars) will receive a Razor Crazy Cart!